Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about shipping, combining orders or tracking numbers? Check this page.

Why can't I see any yarn in your shop?

If you can't see any yarn displayed on the homepage or under the 'Shop' tab - that's because the shop is currently sold out. 

When is your next update? 
The time and date of my next shop update is displayed on the homepage - in a banner at the top of the screen! Updates are usually on Fridays - either at 10am or 7pm - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) unless otherwise stated for daylight savings. 

Do you accept custom orders?
Unfortunately I'm currently unable to take orders for custom colourways. 

Will you reserve skeins of <insert colourway here> for me? 
To make it fair for everyone I'm no longer going to reserve skeins - they will be available on a first come first served basis. I dye as much yarn as I can every week and I do my best to dye large quantities of my popular colourways.

Do you do wholesale orders?
I don't offer wholesale at the moment. 

What is a Paintbox colourway and can you repeat them?
A Paintbox colourway is a one of a kind (OOAK) skein or dyelot - often resulting from experimentation or happy accidents. I don't take notes while working on these and they are non-repeatable.

Which of your yarn bases are best for sock knitting?
I recommend my Merino Nylon or BFL Nylon bases for sock knitting as they're plied yarns, blended with nylon.
Where else can I buy your yarn?
Alterknit Universe - a brick and mortar yarn store in Bristol, UK stocks an exclusive line of Stranded Dyeworks Sanctuary yarn - a BFL/Bamboo blend.
I'm a bag maker / designer / dyer / local yarn store owner and would love to collaborate, is that something you'd be interested in?
I am usually very busy, but I'm always interested in hearing your ideas. Feel free to get in touch using the details you can find here.